Big Four Accounting

Applying for an accounting job? Set your sights on the big four accounting firms.

Ordinary annuity

Ordinary annuity is the most common type of annuity. Learn how this works and how it affects you.

Present value of annuity due

Calculate Present of Value of Annuity Due to decide whether or not to receive or pay a lump sum...

Annuity due

Annuity due affects your payment schemes. This is how.

Tax accountant job description

By looking at the tax accountant job description, you’ll know that the position demands a lot of...


Accounting degree

An accounting degree belongs to the academic discipline of accounting and is oriented towards giving the student a background for use in the world of accounting and it's services. Accounting programs are usually taught at a business school. Accounting is a highly technical field and both practitioners and academics are experts in this field. It is also is a standards oriented profession, so one must know a plethora of information to be able to be an accountant. An accounting degree gives a student the proper knowledge and background to put them into the financial world with the extra knowledge they need to be able to give out advice to others for making financial decisions. Not only do financial decisions for persons and business become a daily factor in an accountant's life, but also the overall economy must be a concept that is known and understood by the accountant.

Requirements for teaching accounting vary worldwide. Many schools not only look for academic credentials and professional certifications, but real world experience as well. The discipline of accounting is geared towards practical knowledge of economics and finance rather than any kind of theoretical abstraction. Students who are earning an accounting degree are looking for this practical knowledge. Many students will go on to gain practical experience in commercial organizations or as private accountants for individuals. Some will also take the academic track and become a teacher of accounting, using research and real world knowledge to bring up the next generation of accountants.

An accounting degree will provide an accountant with the ability to access jobs in the financial sector of the workplace. But, these jobs will have changing criteria as time and accounting qualifications change. On-going education after achieving an accounting degree will keep you at the top of the work pool of accountants.

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