Big Four Accounting

Applying for an accounting job? Set your sights on the big four accounting firms.

Ordinary annuity

Ordinary annuity is the most common type of annuity. Learn how this works and how it affects you.

Present value of annuity due

Calculate Present of Value of Annuity Due to decide whether or not to receive or pay a lump sum...

Annuity due

Annuity due affects your payment schemes. This is how.

Tax accountant job description

By looking at the tax accountant job description, you’ll know that the position demands a lot of...


Accounting software

Accounting software is a program that records and processes different accounting transactions. Many of the functions that the software is capable of included accounts payable, accounts receivable, trial balance, and payroll. Accounting software functions as an accounting information system for the individual or company that is utilizing it. Some of the accounting software is developed in-house so that it is specifically tailored to the needs of the company, or it can also be purchased from a third party organization. Some companies also decide to use a combination of both in-house programs and third party programs. The complexity of the software and the cost range depending on what particular type of software the company is using. Since the 1990s the market for accounting software has been going through a consolidation because many suppliers have stopped trade or where bought out by larger companies.

Accounting software uses various modules to deal with all of the particular area of accounting. The seven most common software modules are: accounts payable, accounts receivable, ledger, billing, stock (or inventory), purchase order, and sales order. With these modules, a company can keep accurate records of the all the money that comes through the business, from what the company buys to how much the company earns from sales. Other modules that are not as standard include expense, payroll, timesheet, and purchase requisition. These types of modules are more involved into managing the money that goes the employees in the company. Some companies prefer to use other methods of tracking this information.

When choosing an accounting software ensure the software is customizable to your company's needs. A general suite of accounting software will be able to handle the financial ins and outs of the company, but a customized system enables a company to create an accounting system based on their specific company needs.

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