Travel To The European Alps For The Perfect Snow Holiday

Start your gift shopping on November 4th with a “Holly Day Bazaar.” It includes live entertainment, local vendors, silent auction, and a fun fashion show.

Prom Pictures. Not to be cynical, but the odds are good that in 10-15 years, your daughter will not want to visit Aunt Suzy with the husband and three kids in tow to see a picture of the cute high school prom date pose on the mantle. Prom is great-but, the photo package does not really need to be larger than one to accommodate the parents and the couple and maybe a couple of close friends.

Serenity Springs does furnish a television, DVD player and a CD player in your room. The sound system in our cottage was awesome. If your did not bring a DVD don’t worry. They have many to choose from when you check in. You can pick one and take it back to your bungalow with you.

Turn your home into a beautiful ball with an old fashioned black and white masquerade ball. Have guests come dressed up in their finest and have dinner catered or include a nice black tie dinner for guests.

Prom Dresses and the Tuxes. Prom dresses have changed over the years. Dresses used to come from local bridal and formal wear shops with virtually no exception. Now formal dresses are available at a number of lower cost department stores or boutiques for $75 to $100. If your daughter seeks something different, don’t be afraid to check with local bridal shops. Sometimes they have specially designed and ordered dresses that were cancelled-and can be marked down by more than 50%! As for the tuxedo, rentals are certainly the best option. Begin looking early for special discounts-and don’t forget that group offerings are available for more than just weddings. If your son and a group of friends rent tuxes from the same shop on the same ticket, they could be in for a hefty discount.

Many couples are choosing horse and carriage hire for weddings music for the cocktail hour that usually precedes the dinner and then dancing music for after dinner. When you are hosting a wedding, it is a good idea to play classical and soothing music for the cocktail hour. The music is something that guests will remember and should coincide with the theme of your wedding.

Nonetheless, there are some kinds of transportation which could take you in one location to another without the hassle of a cramped space and lack of lavatories. Simply take for example, coach travel.

The best thing about a wedding theme is that it can give direction to your wedding planning. Choose one which expresses something about your style or your relationship, whether it is a traditional theme or something more out of the ordinary. In the end, the best theme for your wedding is the one that will make your guests exclaim, “that looks just like her!”.